About Us

Well, hello there! 

My name is Nicole Fox and I am delighted that you stopped by to find out a bit more about Simply Tall. 

Finding clothing to fit my 6'1" body was always a daunting task.  Simply Tall was born out of my shopping frustration combined with my desire to go back to work after the birth of my first child. I decided to push all of the doubts (and possibly common sense-LOL) aside and jump! We opened the doors of our shop in 2004 and, within a few months of opening, launched our website. The website soon out-performed the shop so, in 2009, we closed the shop to concentrate on Simplytall.com.

Over the years, I have been blessed with the best of both worlds - the pride of building my own business and the opportunity to bring my children to work. Delaney was a year old when we opened and Channing arrived two years later. The girls grew up here - hiding under racks, building forts and pirate ships out of shipping boxes, Nerf gun fights in the warehouse - all while we were taking and filling your orders. They are growing fast, one in college and one in high school now, but they can still be found here after school and on school breaks. 

Simply Tall is still family owned and operated and we strive to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you so many of you. We've laughed and cried and I feel like you are an extension of our family.

Our commitment remains the same. We will strive to provide fashionable clothing options, focusing on quality and service that will meet or exceed your expectations.

With Love,